Promotion Criteria

Being a member of the IOD most of you are naturally looking to be promoted. Promotions are decided on certain criteria ranked by effectiveness. These criteria have been labeled by a star level, the more stars the more important the task as you rise within the guild. All members are required to meet the first two criteria. Three and Four star are necessary for higher advancement.




Member Info


Deposit both equipment and consumable crafting material NO GARBAGE


Donate and Participate



Member Info: This is an essential for guild communication. Update your information on site and in-game in your member note to be viewed from the roster by other members. Manually enter or send me any info about your character(s) such as

  • -Specializations (Equipment and Consumable trades apprenticing or mastered)
  • -Game modes you participate in, Warmonger (Active in guilds campaign Azura’s Star) and or Dungeon Diver (4p Delves, Trials, Arena).
  • -Support classes you use (Tank, Healer, DPS…)
  • -If you are a vampire or werewolf and are willing to bite members A.K.A Rabid Vamp or Wolf.
  • -Any other Proffessions you hold such as Merchant (Heavily involved in the economy such as item flipping for the guild)
  • -Aside from the in-game roster you can all of your characters on the site under guild roster/characters so other members can see them.

Guild Bank Deposits
: Being we are heavily involved in crafting we need a steady supply of material to craft with. As you adventure deposit any unused crafting materials in the bank for others to benefit from. If you are looking to make some quick gold clear out all trash sell it to a merchant and if possible neaten stacks for easier navigation.

Donations and Participation: Donations are always needed but never mandatory. Members are strongly urged to participate on the site as well as in guild events. Our site has guild achievements which obtaining weigh highly in promotions.

Nominations: This may be the most important criteria for advancement. Ask any new members you have recruited to send me a nomination for promotion. This does two things, one being helps guild growth and hopefully will create a relationship between officers and the ones they recruit.

Greater rank equals greater responsibility: All Officers (Deathless an above) will promote or demote based on the promotion criteria. There are six achievable titles listed below, each with the added permission or perk and responsibility associated with each. Demotions occur only if your superior has sent a warning about inactivity or constantly overpricing in the store. Bank theft is never tolerated and anyone found guilty of this will be demoted one rank or several down to Initiate depending on the crimes severity. Inactivity is judged by the guild history, which will always be heavily monitored. Banishment occurs only with the greatest of offenses such as spying and scamming members. These members will not only be kicked but reported as well. This should also go without saying but any officers caught abusing power such as unjustified or rabid promotions and demotions will be demoted themselves or even kicked.


  1. Initiate- (Plebe) New recruit, can deposit in bank and sell in store
  2. Warrior- (Corporal) added permission to withdraw items from bank
  3. Renowned- (Sergeant) added permission to claim alliance resources
  4. Revered- (Lieutenant) added permission to Release alliance resources
  5. Deathless- (Captain) Join officer chat and heavily involved in guild decisions, added site moderator privaleges and in-game permisson to promote/demote members
  6. Immortal- (Colonel) , The Elite whom have shown their valor, loyalty and mastery of their Proffession (Guild Politics, Mercantilism or Craft)  added permissions include editing the in game MOTD, site admin privilages and the ability to kick members.

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em