From the Dragonbreak we emerge, the time wounds named after the dragon god of time and with Akatosh’s blessing we bring order as the hand of Jyggalag himself. Race and morality matter not, as we pave the way for the Dova King Talos to bring the dawn of a new Era.

  Within each tale of the scrolls we have started as prisoners and became kings. We have manipulated the parchment of time to our will, fulfilling prophecy or changing it. We are many but, scattered across the parallels of time. We come from the same beginnings yet have forged different paths.

  We may be Holy Knights or Demonic Warriors; Skilled Artisans or Sly Thieves. Although our destinies may differ we have indeed been where you have, fought and ventured as you have. We have heard the cries of others and decided their fates.   

  From the Arena to the battle against the Eater of Worlds we have stood next to you. Now we all have emerges from the same break. A Dragonbreak where Molag Bal must not succeed and we must have Cyrodiil within our grasp. For If the events should deviate from the future we know everything we fought for thus far will be for not.

  So we must band together to secure the Ruby Throne for the only one able to bring upon a lasting Golden Age of peace and progress that will lay the foundation so that the events of previous lives can be fulfilled.

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