Connect with Members

            There are plenty of tools at our disposal for grouping or connecting with your brethren in general. We offer guild chat room in the chat section, member forums and the in-game guild voice channels. Forming bonds with your fellow members is key as we fight side by side during end game content.

             Help connect yourself with other members by updating your site profile and in-game member note on the roster with any info about your character(s) such as any Specializations (Equipment and Consumable trades) you practice and game modes you participate PVP (Cyrodiil), PVE (4p Delves, Trials, Arena) or PVX meaning all types. Any relevant information you give will help such as what support classes do you use (Tank, Healer, DPS…) and if you are a vampire or werewolf and are willing to bite members A.K.A Rabid.

            In game member notes should follow a certain format to allow congruency across the guild and to prevent confusion. This format is as follows but not necessarily in order.

Example: [Site Member] Loyal / [Game Modes] Dungeon Diver/ Warmonger/ [Support Type] Tank/ DPS/ Healer/ [Crafting Specializations] Blacksmith/ Tailor/ Carpenter/ Alchemist/ Enchanter/ [Transformation] Rabid Wolf/ Rabid Vamp

Site member- Meaning you are also a member of the guild website indicated by a loyal status

Game Modes- This is dependent on which modes you play that align with the guild. Warmonger would indicate that you are active in the guilds current campaign and dungeon diver is you are involved in a lot of PVE.

Support Type- All roles you and your characters can play such as Tank, DPS (ranged or close quarters), Healing and Crowed Control

Crafting Specializations- All trades you and your characters can perform such as woodworking, metalworking, clothing, provisioning, alchemy, enchanting

Transformation- If you are a Werewolf or Vampire willing to bite members for free or selling aka Rabid.

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em