Fair Trade

  Daedra Hearts thousand gold each!

  Daedric Motif 30k!

     We have all heard them in the voice chat but unfortunately more often then not these are con men looking for a quick pile of gold. These Trade Scams are becoming more and more prominent throughout the game. This is why we are a guild that promotes fair trade. We want our members to trade freely with their brethren without fear of being swindled out of their hard earned coin. Another portion of this is fair pricing within the store. Over pricing certainly doesn't help anyone, you don't get a sale and someone is out of an item they desire. Unfortunetly prices are always changing and researching other guild stores can give you a good idea of what the current going rate is for that item.

 What to do if another member cheats you?

    Although we have yet to have any trading scams within the guild there is always the possibility of betrayal. None of us want scammers in our ranks so if anyone gets scammed, save the clip using the share button as soon as it happens and send it to me on PSN.

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