An alliance is defined as a union or association formed for mutual benefit. This is indeed what we have set out to do. We have allied ourselves with up to four different guilds that all have been chosen from specific criteria. All of these guilds have a clear and present purpose or cause, which align with our beliefs and values such as fair trade and voluntary donations. All alliance members have services that they offer to all alliance members that although may be present in our current guild but may be more expansive or abundant due to their focus. Our Guildsite is to serve as a conduit for all Sister guilds and their members to communicate and to coordinate not only guild specific events but alliance-wide events as well. Each sister GM has been given the rank of Emissary on site and in-game. These alliances and their information is listed below.


  • Dungeon Nation

    • Style & Focus:
      PVE Dungeon Diving
    • Guild Master:
      Kenny (PSN: Leather054)
    • Achievable Ranks: 6
      Butters=> Timmy=> Jimmy=> Cartman=> Kyle=> Stan
    • Highest Ranking Officers:
      Stan 1 (PSN: Jwarner2930)
      Stan 2 (PSN: Warren235)
      Stan 3 (PSN: XxTunnel_RattxX)

         Hello everyone we are a dungeon running, guild. So keep in mind we need players with a clear support type (Tanks, Healers, DPS). The donations will be used to help fellow guild mates so you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Thank you all players!


  • Elders Trade and Groupies

    • Style & Focus:
      Merchant Fair Trade
    • Guild Master:
      Elder Lord (PSN: Sirsargent_420)
    • Achievable Ranks: 7
      Gilmore=> Happy=> Elders Watch=> Elder Exp=> Elder Lvl Up=> Elder Overseer=> Elder Knights
    • Highest Ranking Officers:
      Elder Knight 1 (PSN: Olly23_kush420)
      Elder Knight 2 (PSN: Itruckzz)

         Here for everyone to Trade, Make Money, Skill Faster and find cool ace people to have fun questing and killing sheet aka Groupies.



No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em