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About Immortals of Dragonbreak
An ESO Player guild like it was always meant to be

Our Vision

    No matter your specialization, you will all have a vital role to play whether you fight or craft for those whose attributes lie elsewhere. Our Primary principle of Fair Trade insures you will never be swindled out your hard farmed money and goods.

  • -We are considered a Fair Trade, PVX guild, looking to forge alliances and recruit new members for the cause. Heavily involved in crafting we share materials within the bank for loyal members.

  • -All of our members can buy and sell in the guild store regardless of rank. Our Artisans provide equipment and consumable support to those whose expertise lye elsewhere. Although we are not strictly an RPG guild we do have a Lore friendly Cause and Origin story (Check Lore section)

  • -We hold revenue driving events such as a Guild Lottery and soon player events for Dungeon Diving and the Guild Campaign in Cyrodiil. We help our members in anyway we can from a build talk in our forums to Help guides for beginners.

  • -Volunteers have and will continue hunting and gathering to provide materials to be shared through the guild bank. Motifs and improvement items are sold in the store at fair prices. Basic equipment can also be crafted to level free of charge if you are a loyal member. Other made to order armor and weapons are negotiated then sold via trade amongst members within the store.

  • -We are a Jack of all Trades guild that prides ourselves on Forming Sister Guild agreements with others dedicated to a specific such as Wolf Pack, Vamp Coven, PVP and Trading.

  • -Although we can only keep four sister guilds in total we are always looking for more alliances of a speccialization. We believe this brings a more productive multyplayer experiance for all and we think you will too.

Together we will build an empire!

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